Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shayna and the Bee

Shayna and the Bee
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Today, Shayna participated in a spelling bee with the OHVA kids. I was so proud of her. She and Kayla are naturally shy (like I am). It was a really big deal for her to get up and speak in front of so many people.

Shayna went out in the second round. She misspelled shoe, a word she could probably spell backwards. Nerves got the best of her. First, she said S-H-O. Once she realized she forgot the E, she tried to go back and correct it and spelled it S-H-E. But, we could tell she was just flustered. In fact, when she came back down off stage, she said "Wow, I really got flustered." I could tell she was a little upset. But, she handled it really well. She did great since age-wise she's only in first grade and there were only 2 first graders in the 18 kids entered in the bee (they were 1-3 graders.


julieunplugged said...

Love the title of your post. :) She's so little up there! And hats off to you for a multi-cultural photo... Love the head covering woman in the foreground. :)


julieunplugged said...

P.S. I just clicked open the picture and her EYES! They are as big as an owl's at night. What a great photo to remember the "bee" by. :)

brian said...

Interesting you should mention the women in the burka. Shayna asked me why she dressed so "funny". I was explaining to the girls on the way home and they just were not getting it.

Then, last night, they went to visit some Hindi neighbors who had just had a baby. They had a picture of Parvati, the Hindu god who is half-elephant half-man, in their house. We were explaining to the girls about Hinduism and the fact that they believe in multiple gods. Shayna took a moment to pray (while we were having the conversation). When I asked her what she had prayed about, she said that she prayed that they would "see the light". So much for multi-culturalism!

Margaret said...

I love this picture! How sweet she looks up there--and very brave!