Saturday, January 27, 2007

Better photography

Better photography
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Shayna had another great game. The team is getting better. They still need to learn spacing. But, that's a lot to ask of 1st-3rd graders.

Shayna's a maniac on defense. They're not allowed to steal. But, they do anyway. She kept taking the ball away from the other team and the ref would have to stop the game and give it back.

This week I took the auto settings off of the camera. I also cracked the manual a little. I set the ISO setting to as high as it would go (800) and changed the white balance to account for the fluorescent lights in the gym. When taking still shots, they turned out better without the flash (more natural color). But, when taking action shots, with no flash, the shutter speed was too slow and they just ended up blurred.


jd_5231 said...
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Matt said...

Future WNBA star on your hands?

- Matt

brian said...

Shayna is multi-talented. It's way too early to tell her talents for basketball. But, she does have the best eye-hand coordination of any kid I've ever seen. The things she can do with her hands never cease to amaze me.

julieunplugged said...

And her mother gives her the genes, wouldn't you say Bri? :)

Great shot and I think the flash adds to the shininess of the uniform.