Thursday, January 11, 2007

OK, now I realize why I need to get a life...

Day 3 and I'm struggling on the pictures already. We went to dinner with some friends last night and I didn't take my camera (doh!).

I realized today that I rarely get out of the house. I work from home, we home school the children and my wife does most of the running the kids around. My biggest outing today was going to the Post Office. That brings up a couple of other weird things though.

  1. I went to the Post Office because we had an "emergency" order to get out. A customer who was willing to pay $30 to ship $20 worth of hair products that she just has to have tomorrow. What kind of world do we live in where people have emergency needs for hair products? It's not like we sell medical supplies. But, you'd be amazed (at least I am) with how many emergency orders we get for products.
  2. As I was taking the picture I was actually nervous. I snapped it quickly and ducked into my car. Taking a picture of a government building could be viewed as some sort of covert terrorist act.
OK. Maybe this 365 thing will actually help me get a life. Winter blahs are beginning to set in (even though we've hardly had any winter this year). Gotta get out more...

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SusansPlace said...

I know, you have a secret life as an underground photographer. mmhmmm that's what you are doing taking pics of government buildings.

I have taken all my pics right here at home. Mostly in the yard but for the past four days I've decided to do individual pics of the kids. Try that, if you run out of ideas. Oh, and there is always food pics. hehe