Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Little Geek

My Little Geek
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Kayla is becoming a little geek (just like me). She got an AOL account a couple of months ago and is trying to organize her friends. She's had a video camera for a little over a year now and loves taking videos with it.

Today she asked me about my 365 blog project. I think she's interested in doing her own blog. Her new video camera, while far superior in quality to her old one, doesn't take photos. So, we're going to let her have one of the old digital cameras.


julieunplugged said...

Jacob just set up his own 365 blog tonight! Here's the address for Kayla to check out:

Jacob 365

Margaret said...

I think this is really great--I'm glad you are encouraging her to do this! I wonder what she will come up with to photograph?

brian said...

I'll let you guys know if Kayla does the blog. She seems interested. But, her days are really, really full. And, I'll need to find the time to show her how to do it.

Matt said...

I hope she does it as well -- I would love to see how kids look at us when thinking about their lives. Of course, when my girls are teenagers, I may regret having asked that;-)

- Matt