Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Little B-Ball Player

My Little B-Ball Player
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It's weird how we perceive things different from what actually happens. Especially when it happens to me. After all, I'm completely objective. Right? Wrong.

Yesterday, on the way home from Shayna's game, I was telling her good job, etc. But, I told her she needed to be more aggressive. Both our girls are so polite, sometimes to a fault. Shayna was letting the other girls on the team take all the shots, watching them rebound and just being more passive than I thought she should be.

Shayna told me "I had fun, Daddy. That's all that matters.", which pretty much put an end to the conversation. But, when I went back to look through the pix I had taken at the game, I saw this one where she is going up for a rebound. Why didn't I remember that?

Oh BTW, through this experience, I am learning, I am NOT a photographer. I had a heck of a time getting anything close to a decent shot at that gym yesterday. I've got a great new digital camera. So, I'm guessing the problem must be me. The gym is so dark that when I put the camera on normal (auto) mode, the shots come out looking like it's night. When I put the camera on night snapshot mode, the shutter speed is so slow, the players are all blurred. This one I enhanced in PhotoShop to make it at least a little brighter. Guess I need to get out the stupid manual.


julieunplugged said...

I LOVE this shot. Did you see that your camera has an action/sports setting? Mine does as do most digital cameras. It helps a lot.

I had a tough time getting good shots of Liam playing lacrosse for the same reasons (dark indoor movement). But the action setting seemed to help.

This photo is terrific. I have noticed that I need about 15 shots of the image I want to get a decent one. I hear that's pretty normal for photographers too. Isn't this fun?

Btw, Jon and I want to pick your brain when you have time, to help me shake up my business a bit. :)

Sandie said...

Great shot and I am she had fun. I am also finding it interesting to look at shots after the 'event' is over and see what is going on in the edges or corners of the pictures that I didn't notice when photographing.

Matt said...

The wisdom of kids is remarkable -- I'm so glad that her biggest goal was just to have fun.

Let me know how reading that manual goes; I've been too stubborn to read mine.

- Matt

my15minutes said...

There's not a lot you can do when you are
1-far away from the subject (cause you tend to zoom, which both reduces the available light, and exaggerates the movement)
2-in a low light dingy gym
3-trying to work without professional flashes, lenses, etc.

You have to take a ton to get just one presentable one, so don't despair.

I love your dd's comment.

SusansPlace said...

I love how this project is placing the spotlight on some squishiness in my life. Ok, I don't love it but it's revealing. My reactions to certain photos. The type of photos I take. It all means something. Good revelation you had last night. Your DD sounds wise and balanced.