Thursday, January 18, 2007

MacJournal- cool tool!

For those of you who are running Macs, I thought you might want to know about a new feature I've discovered in MacJournal. It's got the ability to upload posts to your blog. I like this because I've been trying to keep a journal for years and can never find the time. This Project 365 was actually complicating that. I want to be able to keep the posts for posterity's sake and by creating them in MacJournal, that's possible.

I haven't found a way to upload the pictures easily from MacJournal. I've found that Flickr is good way of getting the pictures up and archived in one place. So, I'm working through the process (which is still pretty clunky). I'm uploading the pictures to Flickr (I'm shrinking them first because Flickr has a monthly MB limit). Then, I post from Flickr to here. What I discovered this morning though (that is really cool) is I can download the posts (pictures and all back into MacJournal).

If you have any suggestions as to how you're uploading your pix, I'd love to hear them. It's still a pain shrinking the photos before I upload them to Flickr.


julieunplugged said...

Hey what is their monthly limit? I just purchased the Pro account so that I can upload to my heart's content. But I didn't know there was a limit on picture size. I'm sure mine are huge!

Any thoughts?

Also, I'm interested in MacJournal. Sounds like a cool tool.

brian said...

I think the limits are 5MB a picture and 100 MB/month. Normally wouldn't be a big deal. But, since I'm doing this 365 thing, it could be an issue, if I continue to use Flickr.

MacJournal is pretty nice. Some limitations. But, I like the idea that I can download my blog into it and I can publish from there (without pictures) to the blog.