Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ty's a Star

Sang her first solo in church today. She was also featured in the Enquirer for the third or fourth time (I've lost track). Unfortunately, her picture didn't make the internet edition. But, the article is here: Ty's Cincinnati Enquirer Article

Ty's a Star


julieunplugged said...

Go Ty! Jon saw the article about her in the Enquirer. Are you all going to Nexus now instead of V-yard? I look forward to hearing about this past Sunday. We were away over night but I thought of you and will read your comments on your other blog.

brian said...

Well, we haven't declared allegiance to Nexus. But, it's really ironic. I've been trying to convince Ty to go there (that's where I'm going and I've had a few Sundays where I've gone to both). Ty meanwhile joins the worship band and asked me yesterday if I was going to attend the membership class.

We are avoiding the Vineyard for the month of February. I'm not exactly sure if Ty will go back after that. But, I plan to stick with Nexus (maybe along with the Vineyard for Ty and the kids).