Thursday, February 1, 2007

Just the Two of Us

Kayla and I had dinner alone tonight. Shayna had basketball practice. I accidentally discovered the Widescreen setting on the camera with this shot (I like it). (click the picture to see the full effect).

Just The Two Of Us

I was playing around with the macro setting and got this shot of my winter stew. It's cold outside. We're in the dead of winter now. Can you guess the ingredients from this shot?

Winter Stew


Sandie said...

I like the wide shot. In the food I think I see spinach, cabbage, carrots, barley, onions, beef, pork and looks like a hearty winter stew.

karen said...

Brian, I love your pictures. Your family is beautiful! Zoe is cute, too! She looks sweet.
Stew looks yummy.

Margaret said...

Wow--now I'm hungry! That is a great looking stew...I think I see carrots, spinach, barley, onions and meat--beef?

I like the wide angle shot, too.

my15minutes said...

The wide shot is nice...I'll have to see if I have a setting like that!

brian said...

Wow, you guys must be quite the chefs. The ingredients in the stew are:

beef broth
mushrooms and.....