Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Girls Are Growing Up

No picture for today. Really, I don't see much worth snapping a shot every day. So, I'm going to stop forcing it. But, I'll keep up the posts.

I noticed the girls have passed a milestone. They have been having "sister sleepovers" more and more frequently now and there is a interesting benefit that has come from that. We finally have some privacy back in our bedroom at night. Both girls, until the last few weeks, would come to use our bathroom during the night instead of the one in the hallway. Shayna literally had to pass the bathroom to get to our room. That is, when Shayna would get out of bed. Most nights she would lie there and scream for one of us to come to her room and stand guard while she went to the bathroom. Some nights, they'd each get up twice, making for quite a little parade through our room.

It's nice having the privacy back. But, it's just another indication that, little-by-little, they don't need us as much anymore.

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karen said...

Our youngest uses OUR bathroom to take a shower. The boys are older than your girls...and yes, yours are growing up and won't "need" you as much..isn't that our job? To become "obsolete" means we're raising independent people. :-)