Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snow Day

We finally had a real snow yesterday. And, I mean a real snow. We probably got 5-7" inches here. It's one of those days when we were really grateful that we don't have to leave the house. Traffic was still backed up at 11:30 last night. People spent 3-4 hours making what is normally a 1/2 hour commute. OTOH, we don't get any time off. Snow or not, gotta get the orders out!

Blinding Snow Storm



Margaret said...

Wow--that picture of your family in front of your home is really amazing! It looks like you took it from a helicopter of something! Really beautiful shot!

SusansPlace said...

Beautiful home! Beautiful snow! Throw a snowball for me. :-)


brian said...

Thanks for the compliments. But, it's not my house in the picture. The girls were sledding off of our hill into the front of the neighbor's yard. The picture is as they walking back up into our back yard. I took the picture from our deck.

julieunplugged said...

Brian, these are truly amazing. I love the way the flash captures individual snowflakes. Such an awesome storm! I created a whole slideshow for my family in CA so they can see what it's like. Truly awesome.

Matt said...

Those are great photos -- and I can only second (third?) what everyone else has said about the snow photos. Doesn't matter whose yard it is -- it's a great shot!

- Matt