Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Funk- Averted (or at least minimized)

It's February 28th and I made it! February is my least favorite month of the year. Thank G-d, it's the shortest month. Football is over with the SuperBowl in January and March Madness isn't until the end of March. February is no-man's land. Nothing good happens in February and the weather is unbearable. I heard the weather man say if it hadn't been for the warming trend the last week of the month, February could have gone down as the coldest on record for Ohio.

I made it through without even having to turn on my SAD light. I didn't get into a major funk like I sometime do. Didn't shave my mustache off. A few years ago, I noticed that for the previous several years, I had shaved my mustache. Don't really know why.

March is finally here. The days are noticeably longer. It's starting to be somewhat light when I get up and there's a little daylight still left when I leave the office. Bring on March Madness!

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