Monday, January 17, 2011

Shayna's in another championship

The Heat are playing up in another Sixth Grade tournament (they're a fifth grade team).  Shayna's showing a little burn out saying basketball isn't as fun as it used to be.  But, she's still playing great.  The team is 3-0 in the tournament and playing in the finals tonight, I'm pretty sure against the team that knocked us out of the Christmas tournament at McGee's.  We were up by 7 with a few minutes to go before we collapsed and lost that game.  I think the girls can take 'em tonight.

notes on photo: the Tamron lens and upping the exposure on the photo a little is allowing me to get some pretty bright shots in a very dark gym.  And, I'm able to stop the action.  There's a little blur around the ball. But, I'm at the limit of my lens.  To stop it, I'd have to take the ISO higher than I want to.

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