Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year in Pictures

Can I manage to post a picture a day in the year 2011?  I'll give it a try.  Above is a picture of us before we went over to the Wesley's for our 13th annual West Chester Station New Year's Party.  It's always fun ringing in the New Year with friends, family and I love being able to celebrate with both Ty and the girls every year.

On New Year's Day, I made Belgium Waffles and fresh fruit topping for Ty and the girls (who finally rolled out of the rack at 11 o'clock after I woke them up.

This is the Christmas ornament Shayna got this year.  We have already gone through "baby's first" (through fifth) Christmas ornaments and the Kringles collection which we couldn't find this year.  Since she loves penguins, this one was great for her.

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