Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weekend with Shayna

Kayla and Tywana went to COSI for the weekend, leaving me here to entertain Miss Shayna. Shayna was very concerned about how she'd cope being stuck with me and without her fearless leader Kayla.

Shayna has a list of things she wants to accomplish while Kayla and Tywana are gone. She wants to update her iPod (with the songs she wants), she wants to rent a DVD, she wants to play putt-putt and she wants to watch the Buckeyes with me.

We had lunch at Frisch's today. I thought she was going to get a fish sandwich or a cheeseburger (she always gets a cheeseburger). She started lunch with a Sprite. Then, she ordered pancakes and sausage. Some lunch...



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