Friday, March 2, 2007

Building the Perfect Beast

This morning the girls told me I am "obsessed" with my new speakers. They say I listen to them too much and Kayla couldn't believe I posted three pages on my blog about them. I countered with their obsession with their Tamagotchi's (which seem to take more care than a real pet- the things die if you leave them alone for six hours). Saturday, when I tore the front bumper off my car, it was leaving to retrieve Shayna's Tamagotchi that she had left at Lexi's. But, I digress.

Yeah, I'm obsessed with music. It's congenital I'm sure. But, 10 years of music theory didn't hurt. I've always wanted to have the perfect stereo, then the perfect home theater. And, there is always that next upgrade around the corner. But, I've been good. It's been what six years (?) since I did the home theater in the basement. I avoided buying a widescreen TV for the family room when the bug bit a few months ago. I deserve this upgrade. ;-)

I don't think the girls have even noticed my latest acquisition, a new NAD CD Player. I just installed it yesterday and they weren't around when I was trying it out. It's not much to look at. But, it's a huge step up from my Denon changer (so now I have two defunct CD players laying around).

This latest round of stereo upgrades has been a real trip. With all the information available on the Internet now what used to be mere hours of research for me to make a decision has turned into days and days. There are so many forums, on-line magazines and websites where people can post reviews and opinions, it's literally overwhelming. And, each step up just seems like a little bit more until you've spent tens of thousands of dollars building the perfect beast. I spent at least an hour yesterday reading opinions on replacing the little 1 inch connector between the pre-amp and the amp section and another hour contemplating replacing the strap on the back of the speakers.

Anyway, hopefully, the dealer where I got the great deal on this refurbed CD player (from $499 down to about $350) will get a refurbed C372 in stock in the next couple of days and I'll have the next part for my Frankenstein.

Building the Perfect Beast

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