Thursday, September 6, 2007

Who Dey!

Before I read what the experts have to say or the season starts I have to go on record with my best guess of how the Bengals will turn out this season. For the first time in a while (since Marvin arrived), I actually hope I am wrong.

I am concerned about the Bengals. I'm afraid they peaked two seasons ago when Carson's knee injury in the first playoff game against Pittsburgh ended our hopes. Last season, we played way below our potential; squandering a golden opportunity at making the playoffs. I'm afraid all the suspensions and injuries are going to catch up to us this year. I think our defense will let us down again (and again). I think the offense can put up points. But, without Chris Henry for at least half of the season, I'm not sure they can put up enough points (I'm not sure any offense can). The Bengals defense proved they can give up a bunch of points, in a hurry. I was there for the collapse against San Diego last season. 42 points in a half! Given that Marvin's background has been as a defensive specialist, I find our defense especially troubling. Defense is what makes for consistent play week in and week out. Defense is what wins championships (in any sport).

My prediction for this year is 8-8 and another missed playoff opportunity. I think then the honeymoon with Marvin will be officially over.

Let's hope I'm wrong. Who Dey!


julieunplugged said...

I have the same kind of "bad karma" vibe about the Bengals too. I don't understand why we are so bad defensively. It seems like the draft didn't even help us.

Carson and Chad seem to have too many misreads. TJ is injured (did you hear?). He may be well enough for Monday night, but... yeah, it's the "but" that worries me. Marvin doesn't seem to have the right set of qualities to make this team gel - that's what is missing.

I wonder with you if they peaked and I assume (imagine) Carson will get his ring, but while on a different team. :(

My guess for this year: 9 and 7 (I think they'll go one better just to be able to say they improved and to make it hard to make any staff changes).

brian said...

I hate being negative before the season even starts. I like Marvin. I'd really like to love Marvin again. But, I don't see the team really improving.

The injury situation is just amazing to me. Can't blame that on Marvin. No, I hadn't heard about TJ. We just can't seem to keep people healthy. And, when they get hurt, they can't seem to get healthy (Chris Perry).

Personally, I don't see 9-7 as an improvement. We limped into the record last year, which should have been better. It's time for 10-6. But, I think that's going to be a major challenge.

Again, I hope I'm eating crow on this big time come December.