Friday, September 14, 2007

Disney Day 2- Animal Kingdom

Day Two at Disney World, we visited Animal Kingdom. The girls had a blast. Kayla and Shayna both love animals. Visiting brought back memories of a 6 year old Kayla at the zoo, giving us little known facts about every creature we encountered.

Animal Kingdom was not my favorite park. The rides were just OK. The biggest stand out was Expedition Everest, which we did twice at the park opening with no wait. The girls and Ty did Kali Rapids while I stayed dry. We loved the Harambe or Kilaminjaro Safari. But, overall, the park was not a whole lot different than visiting the Cincinnati Zoo.

Dinner tonight was at the Grand Floridian with Cinderella, Prince Charming and the rest of the Cinderella crew. The girls insisted on doing a character dinner even though we suspected they would not be into it. And, they were not. They only reluctantly asked for autographs and posed for pictures. They are old enough to realize these are just people dressed up. But, the dinner was good. Kayla, Shayna and I had prime rib (Kayla didn't like hers). The desserts were huge. Served family style, we had a plate of pastries and a huge slab of bread pudding. It was my first time actually having bread pudding (which sounds disgusting). But, I liked it.

If you haven't been there and seen this tree, check out the detail here:

View the photo set here:



karen said...

Did you see what that tree was constructed from? Very interesting!

brian said...

I'm not sure of the material. But, the tree was fascinating.

Each Disney park has a major icon near the entrance (of the park). Epcot has the giant ball, MGM- Mickey's Hat, Magic Kingdom- the castle. But, the Tree of Life has to be my favorite. It's massive and it's beautiful. At various points in the park you get close to it and can see just how big and detailed it is.