Saturday, August 25, 2007

IHN Hosting

Friday night we participated in the IHN hosting that Nexus does. IHN is an organization that helps homeless families get back on their feet with a place to stay, job training and life-skills coaching. The families go to a day center during the day and stay in various churches at night. Nexus helps out by being there on Friday evenings to provide food for the families, keep them entertained and spending the night to make sure everything is provided for during the evening.

Ty and I went over to help out with the entertainment of the children. There was a family of 3 boys and a little girl and a single mother who had an 8 month old (maybe the most beautiful baby I've ever seen- sorry Shayna and Kayla). We drew pictures with kids. Gregg and I let the two older boys play with our digital cameras (maybe their first time?). Gregg obviously has more faith than I do because I'm sure his camera cost about 5 times what mine cost and probably weighs 10 times as much. We fed them ice cream cones and put in "Finding Nemo", although no one watched it. I made paper airplanes which turned out to be a big hit.

I had trouble picking a photo to represent the set. So, I chose this one. But, if you want to see that beautiful baby, click here.


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