Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You can buy Tiger's shirt...

but you can't buy his swing. This is the shirt Tiger wore on Sunday this year at the U.S. Open. I got a great deal on it at Games People Play and decided to treat myself. I am a huge Tiger fan. No, it doesn't quite look the same on me as it did on him. But, he cheated. I think he bought his a size too small.

Jon and I had a great time at Walden Ponds today. It was our first time there. Normally, it's out of our price range at $45. But, today was two-for-Tuesday. $57 with the cart and the GPS (which is invaluable). After a double bogey on the first hole and realizing it was going to be a very difficult course, I set my sites on breaking 100 today. I had a decent front (way too many double bogeys), shooting 47 with one birdie. Now that I look at the card, I realize I only had one par. On the back, I was on fire. I shot 41 with 5 pars (no birdies- I could not hit a putt. I think I had a birdie putt on every hole except two. This hole was number 12, a 144 yard par 3. I hit an 8 iron onto the green and two putted for par. Wait! What's more amazing is we had some extra time and decided to play the hole again and I did the exact same thing. I was in the zone today.

Click on the image to get to the Flickr site. You can see the picture full size there and/or click on the set on the right to see more pix of Big Jon and me wailing away at the little white ball.


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