Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Golfing Again...

Tuesday is the day! $25 with a cart at Pebble Creek. Jon got me on one of my good swings of the day. (to see more shots, click the picture to see the set). This one was a 9 iron 140 yards right on to the green (downhill).

Jon's obsessed with numbers 11 and 12 at Pebble Creek. After poking two 7 irons all of 125 yards right onto the green at 11, he was determined to make the over 200 yard carry on #15 to reach the fairway (200 yards over a ravine). It was into a stiff breeze today. I barely made it with my driver, nailed a 3 wood then hit the 2nd longest wedge I've hit in my life (the first longest was earlier in the day when I hit it 130 yards). Unfortunately, each time was about 10 yards too long. Visit the set to see Jon wailing away at his drive on #12

Golfing with Jon


julieunplugged said...

Loved these photos of your golf game with Jon!! You both look great. Funny comments by my hubster too.

NoVA Dad said...

Great form! You should see mine -- and I suppose the best/most amusing golf shots of me are the action shots of me wrapping a club around a tree after shooting a horrible shot. Career best of 101 -- but still trying!