Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jodi Sings

Jodi and Casey did a great rendition of "What About The Love?" by Amy Grant (co-written by Janis Ian). I wanted to buy it. But, apparently Janis Ian never recorded it. And, I didn't really want the Amy Grant version.

After church, we went to Harbin Park for a picnic and some Frisbee golf. Of course, Jon had to compete with me and I had to spank him (hello Jon, if you're reading this). It was a great time. Frisbee golf is fun for the whole family and really pretty good exercise. We only played nine holes though.

Jodi & Casey


Jon said...

Brian, Brian, Brian. Even for a universalist, lying is still a sin, isn't it? You wrote you "spanked" me playing frisbee golf... Spanked? We didn't even keep score. And you say I'm competitive. I was just out enjoying a church picnic with some friends, having fun throwing the frisbee. That's it. Just good old fashioned non-competitive fun. I did par holes 3,4,6,7 and 9, but who's counting?

brian said...

That's what all losers say "I wasn't competing. I was just out there to have fun.". I spanked you and you know it.

Me? Competitive? Never.