Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mary Kiwanuka

This Sunday we had the privilege of hearing from Mary Kiwanuka from Rubate Teacher's College in Kenya. SONKA (the UCC group of churches in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky) has partnered with Mary's village to help with a clinic and a school to train teachers. Mary made her first visit to the United States and spoke with us at Nexus on Sunday.

Mary told us all publicly and Ty and I privately that she sensed something very special at Nexus. We went out to lunch with her where we got to hear stories about her life in Kenya and we were able to share a little about what life is like in the United States. One thing that was fascinating about our conversation was telling her what it is like to be a black minority and our experiences of racism. It's easy to forget that blacks in their native countries have a completely different experience than we do here.

Mary seemed a little confused as to why we would home school our children. I'm not sure we ever got the reasons across to her.


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