Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Touchdown Jesus

Recently, Cindi posted a website with all kinds of images of Jesus on it (there must have been a couple of hundred). It reminded me of the Jesus in front of Solid Rock. Chuck calls it "Touchdown Jesus", which is a really catchy name. But, to me, it looks like "Drowning Jesus". I'm not sure what it's supposed to show Him doing. I was on my way to lunch with Gregg at the Olive Garden in Middletown today and thought I'd try to get a snapshot. Shoulda rolled the window down!



julieunplugged said...

I've wanted a photo of this for awhile now. I think it's such a monstrous sculpture and we always yell "touchdown" when we drive by. Agree, though, that he looks more like he's drowning.

karen said...

I love your take on things....he does look like he's drowning!! LOL