Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Kayla decided she wanted to make dinner for us in honor of Valentine's Day (then she wanted us to retire to the basement to watch a "chick flick"). Since she can only make breakfast food, she decided to make pancakes, eggs and sausages for us. Shayna wanted to help since she had not bought a present for us for Valentine's Day. But, she had basketball practice.

Kayla needed supervision and a little help. But, she did a great job with the dinner and I could tell she was very proud of herself. She and Shayna are so thoughtful, it's really amazing for two young girls. After dinner instead of watching a romantic movie, we all watched Shayna's First Year DVD together. I'll never get tired of the scene where Kayla meets Shayna for the first time. It's priceless.IMG_2746.JPG

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