Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm not a very political guy. I am deeply concerned about social justice. That does require some involvement in politics. But, I've never campaigned for a candidate, contributed to a candidate's campaign or so much as worn a t-shirt for a candidate. That is, until this year.

I am inspired by Barack Obama. Not because he's the smartest person who has ever run for President (though he's certainly smarter than what we've had recently). Not because he has the most experience. Not because he's got the best policies (he and Hillary are not nearly as far apart as their campaigning requires they try to portray themselves to be). It's because he's the most hopeful candidate we've had in my memory. It's because he represents the opportunity to put someone in the White House who still believes we can do things differently. Also, I think he's the most compassionate candidate to come along in a long time.

I haven't read "The Audacity of Hope", although now that I have decided to back Obama, I will. I haven't read his detailed position papers, although the one on health care is sitting here printed out and ready for me to wade through. But, I've heard enough about his positions on the issues to know we fundamentally agree. And, I know enough about his history to believe he will genuinely try to do the best he can for all of the American people, not just the rich and privileged.

Here I am in my first campaign t-shirt:



nbta said...

Found you through another blog that I was reading. They had linked to your Universalist page. Great job on that. I too would be considered a Christian Universalist.

As far as supporting Obama...well, change is what we will get. Not sure it is what we want, but probably what we deserve. Sadly, I believe, there are really not any candidates that are worth supporting...but God is using these to let us know, the church doesn't take HIM seriously anymore.

Anonymous said...

I just wish our first black president was more conservative, but that would be impossible I suppose. Someone with more gravitas, like Colin Powell?