Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Craze

I hate to admit it. But, I guess we, kind of, succumbed to the Harry Potter hype. Everyone's been talking about Book 7 which was released yesterday. It's been on the news for months. Where was it being printed? Who had a leaked copy? Which characters would die? Amazon had a deal where you could order the book from them and have it arrive the day it was released (or some such nonsense). We were not about to go stand in line to get it for Kayla. But...

Yesterday, we made our pilgrimage to Costco. We were feeling withdrawal symptoms because we had not been in over two weeks (16 days to be exact). I had thought Costco would probably have the book, soon. And we would probably buy it for Kayla, eventually. But, there it was, in the case which said "Do Not Open Until July 21st". Shayna couldn't stand it. She had to buy the book for Kayla. So, we got it for her. And, that is how Kayla got the last Harry Potter book on the day it was released.

Yesterday was a perfect day weather-wise. We're still kind of recovering from our trip last weekend. So, after the Costco trip and cutting the grass, I just relaxed. I sat on the deck and did some reading. It was 80 degrees, low humidity and there was a nice breeze. I took some shots of just how beautiful the sky was. Rarely is it this clear in West Chester. There was work to do, but the weather beckoned me to blow it off and I did. I'm finally reading Martin Zender's "How to Quit Church Without Quitting God". As I do, I am once again just amazed how so many Christians can't see the hypocrisy in the standard Christian "gospel". I was also looking over a brochure about Ohio Wineries, planning a trip for next weekend.

The British Open is this weekend. Tiger's not playing so well. Today's the final round and I haven't seen any of it live. When Tiger's not in contention, my focus just isn't there. I'll watch it today though (DVRd) after church. I have to be there early to help set up (there's just no escaping the work when you attend a nano-church).

OK. It's 7:30. Time for a bike ride. I haven't exercised in almost 2 weeks.

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Chuck said...

I haven't really figured out the Harry Potter craze. Perhaps it's because we don't have kids. When the first ones became popular, many of my coworkers were reading them and enjoying them as much as their kids. I tried reading the first one, but just couldn't get interested. I'm interested in SciFi - probably for the technology - but not really into fantasy. I read the Hobbit, but couldn't get to far into the LOTR trilogy. And I consider myself a fairly voracious reader.

karen said...

Not into Potter, but loving Zender...

brian said...

The Harry Potter thing is an example of a self-perpetuating fad. The more people that read it, the more press it gets and even more people read it. Has there ever been a book that people were racing to buy and get through? My wife saw a woman the the pool yesterday who had bought a copy for herself and for her son because they had to read it "at the same time". She was also upset when she found out Kayla (my 10 year old) was further along in the book than she was.

I tried about three times to get through LOTR. I just couldn't do it.

I have watched the Harry Potter movies (with Kayla). They're pretty entertaining. But, I don't have the time to dedicate to the books.