Friday, July 13, 2007

Charlottesville- Family Reunion

We're in Charlottesville, VA. We're here for the Jefferson family reunion. After a 9 hour drive last night, we arrived at the Sleep Inn, our accommodations for the first night. The girls, Ty and I shared a room. It didn't work out too bad. The girls were very good on the trip. Very patient. Shayna slept a little. But, they didn't use their usual and ask every five minutes when we'd be here. It took about an hour longer than Google Maps estimated (and MapQuest) and, the mile markers along I-64 were very confusing as they changed twice in Virginia causing us to not know if we were an hour away or 4-5 hours away (fortunately, it turned out to be closer to the former).

Today, Mom and Dad arrived with "the cousins". So, the kids are in heaven now. They love spending time with Brent & Sherri's kids. We had lunch on the walking mall in front of the restaurant. It's a great area with quaint shops, sidewalk vendors and small restaurants. Mom and I did a little shopping. She, of course, did some damage. Tonight is the reception at the University of Virginia, founded by the man himself- Thomas Jefferson. Tomorrow, we tour Monticello. I have mixed feelings about that. But, it should be a great experience for the girls.

Tywana, Kayla & Shayna Shopping

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