Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Say Good-bye to the Tooth Fairy

Lost Teeth
Kayla lost her last baby tooth last night. (Kayla lost her upper left canine)

Shayna had lost a tooth on Monday (lower left) and we were so exhausted from our trip to Cleveland, we forgot to notify the Tooth Fairy to come. As we tried to make excuses for her yesterday, Shayna would have none of it. The Tooth Fairy must come and we had to notify her that her duty was to be there last night. Kayla insisted that the Tooth Fairy visit her as well.

The girls still have extremely vivid imaginations. They can sit and play "voices" for hours where one will play several characters and the other several characters. They also play "Kayla hand" and "Shayna" hand where their hands are the characters. But, don't care call them "hand puppets". They get absolutely indignant when you do that. They are not puppets. They are Kayla hand and Shayna hand.

It was a sad moment for me when Kayla lost her last baby tooth. Our "baby", who at 11 is a towering 5'8", is officially no longer a baby. According to the tradition in the Kirstie Alley movie "Toothless", she is no longer able to see the Tooth Fairy. Both girls got a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night. For Kayla, this will be the last.

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