Saturday, May 5, 2007

Derby Party II

We had our 2nd Annual Derby Party. We had a great time. We had neighbors, the Bogarts and Gregg and Jill. Interestingly, Horacio and Carolina came. Since it was Cinco De Mayo and they're from Mexico, we just knew they wouldn't be able to make it because there'd be some big Cinco De Mayo celebration with their Mexican friends. Wrong! Horacio told us they don't even celebrate Cinco De Mayo and wonder what all the fuss is about in the US.

Amy won the pot for the race. You could never tell she was excited though with all the jumping up and down and screaming.

Oh yeah, several of the women did not wear hats. This is not acceptable behavior for a Derby. Just a warning for next year. We will have "booby hats" for anyone who doesn't wear their own. We heard some pretty lame excuses. You will not want to be caught without a hat for Derby Day 2008. So, start shopping now.


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